5 Reasons to become an EAZ Solution Partner

  • 1 In today's global economy, whatever you sell, there are hundreds of companies selling the same products or services in your city. The challenge is to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. EAZ Solution's flagship product, Eazy Fix, is unique and special, there is nothing like it or better than it in the market. You can be the only one selling it in your city, state or country.

  • 2 When you are selling a product, you wish everyone needs to have the product. "Eazy Fix is a must have for all PC users.", this is one of the most frequent comments we get from our users.

  • 3 The market potential of Eazy Fix is huge. More than 1 billion Windows PCs in the world, we had only sold to 5 millions of them. We know there is a big markert out there.

  • 4 EAZ Solution is a small company. We know we need to offer BIG margins to attract motivated partners. You won't believe what you will get for reselling EAZ Solution products.

  • 5 EAZ Solution has been around for more than 10 years as a pure software company, that tells you we do have some technology and market.

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    EAZ Solution Partner Programs

    Who are using EAZ Solution Products?

    Schools - Baseline Shield is used in hundreds of thousands of K12 schools, colleges and universities around the world.
    Business - From small business to large Fortunate 500 companies, we have a proven track record of loyal and repeat customers.
    Banks - EAZ Solution is a technology leader in providing instant restore to bank Windows based ATM machines.
    OEM - We have been providing OEMs of our technology to over 30 software/hardware manufactures around the world.
    Home Users - Over 1,000,000 home users in China, India and Brazil alone.

    EAZ Solution Partner Programs

    Reseller - GREAT margins, no commitment, no risk. Another stream of revenue for your business.
    International Distributor - Want to distribute EAZ Solution products in your country? (exclusivity offered with low sales target commitment)
    OEM Partner - Re-brand and include the instantly PC recovery technology that took 20 engineers 10 years to develop as an instant value-booster to the solution you develop or sell.

    EAZ Solution Partner Benefits
    EAZ Solution offers its partners a very attractive discounted product license structure and various benefits including but not limited to:
    GREAT margins on all sales
    Marketing and sales support
    Access to demo, development version of the products.
    Sales support.
    Electronic marketing materials.
    and much more...