Eazy Solutions for Real-world Problems

Windows Time Machine Solution

Windows Time Machine Solution gives you the power to instantly undo common user errors and serious system problems on your PC. It eliminates the hassle and headache of fixing PC problems. It lets you to return your PC to perfect condition without ever knowing what went wrong. Don't waste time trouble shooting, simply undo the problems.

Instantly restore PC even if Windows fails to bootup
Have a peace of mind there are "good systems" to return to
Do not require technical know-how to fix PC problems
Instantly refreshes computers to their optimal condition
Significantly lowers total cost of ownership of Windows computers

Why Eazy Fix?
1. Easy to setup, installation within a minute.
2. Extremely fast, restore a 1TB hard drive in seconds
3. No boot disk or third party media required to recover the PC even if Windows fails to bootup
4. Rollback file or rollback system
5. Eazy Fix is simply the easiest and fastest PC rollback software in the world

Public Access Computer Protection Solution

Public Access PC Protection Solution protects public access PCs from unwanted user modifications such as erasing files, installing new software, downloading programs or deliberately tampering with the system. Regardless what user may have done to the PCs, Public Access PC Protection Solution resets the PCs to its pristine condition with a simple reboot, making the PCs perfectly configured and available for the next user.

Reduce public access computers maintenance by up to 90%
Eliminate frequent re-imaging of Public Access Computers
Simpliy the maintenance process of public access computers environment
Ensure consistent configurations for all public access computers
Prevent identify thief and key board logging on public access computers

Why Baseline Shield?
1. Easy deployment to a network of computers in minutes
2. Flexible restore options, restore on restart, restore on logoff, restore hourly, daily or weekly or only restore on demand.
3. Task scheduler to automatically install Windows Updates or user updates
4. Free EndPoint Manager
5. Baseline Shield gives you "the most product for your money"

System Backup and Imaging Solution

System Backup and Imaging Solution is one of the best system disaster recovery solutions to prevent losing your data after a fatal hard drive failure. A system image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of a hard drive, partition or logical disk. These system image files can then be stored in a variety of places, including various removable media such as USB drives or network share. You can completely and rapidly restore your system after an operating system crash, virus attack or hardware failure from a system image. You can also use the system image for mass system deployment when you need to setup many identical computers. In addition if you need to restore only certain files from a disk image, you can connect that image as a virtual disk and copy those files directly from the disk image using Windows Explorer or any other file utility. Drive Backup and Imaging Solution protects your valuable data from disasters in the most simple and effective way!

The benefits of System Backup and Imaging Solution is widely known and accepted by computer users everywhere.

Why EFI System Cloner?
1. Small - only 300K in size, EFI System Cloner is small enough to be embedded into UEFI BIOS.
2. Nimble - as a EFI software, EFI System Cloner is much faster than the conventional DOS and Windows based system cloning software.
3. Reliable - EFI System CLoner delivers fast system restore even from bare-metal state.
4. Simple - copy the files in a USB stick, you are good to go.
5. Affordable - EFI System Cloner is an affordable and reliable alternative to other complicated and expansive drive backup imaging products. Why pay more for the same thing?

EndPoint Management Solution

Eazy EndPoint Manager
If you manage a network of computers across a local or wide area network; If you want to remotely fix client computers' problems without leaving your seat; If you want to remotely manage the Eazy Fix and Baseline Shield clients; You need to have Eazy EndPoint Manager.

Based on Client/Server architecture, Eazy EndPoint Manager provides IT administrator a user friendly graphic interface to see and manage all the Eazy Fix/Baseline Shield protected clients in a LAN or WAN. In addition to remotely manage all the features of Eazy Fix and Baseline Shield clients as if you are right on the front of the client workstation, Eazy EndPoint Manager lets you track inventory, deploy new apps and patches, monitor and manage clients, and more.

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