Eazy Fix - Windows Time Machine

What is Eazy Fix?
Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine! It lets user to instantly undo computer problems by reverting the computer back to last hour, yesterday, last week or last month before the problems have happened. Eazy Fix works even if Windows O.S. fails to bootup.

Eazy Fix by the Numbers
1 minute to setup Eazy Fix
5seconds to create a snapshot
10seconds to rollback the computer to a snapshot even if Windows fails to bootup.
A snapshot contains 100percent of Windows system, user data, programs and settings.
Up to 100times faster than conventional system backup and restore software.

Who Can Use Eazy Fix?
Home Users who are not computer savvy
Small Business that cannot afford dedicated IT support team
Corporations that need to save cost in support Windows desktops
Software Testers who neeed frequently re-baseline

What Can Eazy Fix be Used for?
1. Use Eazy Fix to recover Windows if Windows fails to bootup
2. Use Eazy Fix to recover deleted or corrupted files
3. Use Eazy Fix to clean up virus, spyware or ransomware infections
4. Use Eazy Fix to remove unwanted software installations
5. Use Eazy Fix to rollback failed software deployment
6. Use Eazy Fix to create test beds for software testing
7. Use Eazy Fix to protect system and data from unauthorized access

Why Eazy Fix?
Eazy Fix continuously protects system from any known or unknown software threats.
Eazy Fix works as if it's not even there, it doesn't require user to do anything.
Eazy Fix is simply the easiest, fastest and arguably the best system instant recovery solution in the market and chosen by millions of users worldwide.
Eazy Fix is so cheap, even if you only use it once or twice, you have already got your money worth!

Why do I need Eazy Fix? - case studies